Gut in Mind: Yoga for IBS class series

Anyone who has felt butterflies in their stomach before a big event or had rumblings and pain in their belly before a test or interview realizes that the gut and brain are in constant bidirectional communication. Disruption in normal signals between the gut and brain can cause hypersensitivity in the digestive tract that results in pain and “dis-ease”. Miscommunication between the gut and brain disrupts motility and is a factor in the increased discomfort and anxiety experienced by many patients with disorders of gut-brain interactions (DGBIs). The constant stress of our fast-paced lives contributes to overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system that regulates the primitive but necessary fight or flight response. While the sympathetic tone is increased by our habitual patterns, the activity of our parasympathetic nervous system responsible for rest, digestion, and reproduction is reduced.

Join us for an exploration of common digestive issues and learn postures and breathing techniques that will benefit the mind, body, belly, and microbiome!

Week 1: Benefits of Yoga for Maintaining a Healthy Gut

Week 2: What are Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction?

Week 3: Mindfulness and Breathing for a Healthy You

Week 4: The Gut-Brain-Microbiome Connection

Week 5: Gas and Bloating

Each session will have a 15 -20 minute discussion followed by yoga, breathwork, and relaxation.

11109 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190