Yoga 101

Have you wanted to learn and practice yoga but have been hesitant to join your first class? This yoga series is designed for you. 

Perhaps you’ve held back from yoga because you think you’re not flexible enough, or not “in shape” enough, or you don’t know enough about yoga to get on the mat. We all have our reasons for holding back from something new until that right moment comes along. Let this be that moment. 

In this slower-paced yoga class, we will start from the beginning, on the mat, working our way up from seated postures to standing and balance postures. We will look at alignment, breath with movement, and the benefit of the postures. We will also explore props and how to modify yoga asanas for individual needs. From there, you will have the building blocks to begin your own yoga practice and attend classes with more confidence. 

This class isn’t just for beginners. Perhaps you’ve been practicing for a while and want to return to basics, learning yoga once again through a beginner’s eyes. If so, join us!

This is a trauma-informed class that holds a safe space for all. Please note there will be a variety of music played throughout the class. 

We must all start from somewhere. Let this be that place. 

11109 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190