Dianamaria Adams

Dianamaria is a yoga and dance teacher with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification and a 95 hour Children’s Yoga Certification through Beloved Yoga under mentorship of Jafar Alexander and Vasanthi Shrinivasan. She is the Co-Director of Beloved Yoga’s Children’s Program and teaches yoga for all ages, from baby to adult.

Dianamaria appreciates playful explorations of breath-body- and mind connections, as well as the smooth flowing qualities and transitions of vinyasa yoga. She believes that music, rhythm, stories and movement are beautiful tools to bring people together for vivacious fun, health and community.

As a teaching approach she values safety and sustainability, inclusion of different levels that can benefit from individual customizations and of course the playfulness of an open minded explorer.

Dianamaria discovered yoga during her Masters program in Communication Design as a way to balance mind and body. It has helped her as a dance and yoga teacher, videographer and married mom of two wonderful children. Her yoga teachings are a way to give back the blessings that she has been able to experience.