Donna Martin

Donna Martin, 500 hr -RYT, began her yoga practice over 17 years ago. She walked into a neighborhood yoga studio took the next class offered and went back to this studio 6 days a week for the next 2 years. She has been practicing and studying ever since. Her teaching is rooted in the belief that practice itself is the great teacher. Time with a practice creates a powerful tool: A lens by which to observe oneself (svadhyaya) and through this study begin to see patterns (samskara) some which may no longer serve us thereby creating a new path bit by bit, piece by piece, one breath at a time.  Her teaching philosophy is to guide the students in front of her as they are, on that particular day, in that moment. Her classes are breath centered housed in thoughtful shapes and sequenced to provide fluid steadiness. Expect a slower pace flow designed to steady the breath, create strength and find release.