Jen Barry

Jennifer started practicing yoga in the early 2000’s at the gym and realized how impactful the practice was to both her physical and mental well being. The instant love of savasana was a true lifeline and she began to cultivate a personal practice. In 2012, she enrolled in the teacher training RYT 200 at Beloved Yoga to further explore in depth the passion that teaching vinyasa yoga inspired.

Since completing teaching training, Jennifer has been exploring the “fun job” of teaching yoga in studios and gyms to attempt to create an environment where all feel welcome to participate in yoga, not just the flexible and well versed.  As a former college athlete, the knowledge that yoga can help create balance in the body and mind helped foster a sense of responsibility to share with as many willing bodies as possible.  Yoga is for everyone and will can meet the body where the needs exist.  

Jennifer is an educator and technology specialist in her day to day life with a Master’s in American History and another Master's in Technology Integration. She enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain!