A Conversation & Celebration with Lana Reed (Shakta Khalsa)

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$0.00 A Conversation & Celebration of Lana Reed

In-person free event
Join us to celebrate a trailblazer in teaching yoga to children, Lana Reed. She will speak of her life experience and highlight stories and practices shared in her most recent book The Yoga Way to Radiance. At this event, Lana will gift a copy of her new book to attendees. Please sign up for free and plan to join us in a conversation and celebration of Lana Reed!
"Interacting with children, including teens is a fascinating, uplifting, challenging, and ultimately enlightening world. I am thankful that I’ve had forty-five years (so far!) to be in conscious interaction with children - both in teaching them and learning from them." - Lana Reed

At this unique event, Lana will share some of her experiences, especially those found in The Yoga Way to Radiance, and will explore any thoughts, questions, and insights that you may have about following your own guidance, as well as nurturing the inner guidance of children.

After living in the metro area for almost 40 years, Lana and Kartar are moving to Colorado to be near their son.

Why I Do This Work
By Shakta Khalsa (aka Lana Reed)

This is what brings me the greatest joy—
to be a champion for the child’s spirit,
a guardian of their simple yet profound perspective,
a fierce warrior for their natural right to live in safety, innocence, joy.
This is why I do this work.
Through this effort, small as it may be in a world scale,
I am blessed a billion times over
every time I am in their company.
Sometimes our meeting results in an outpouring of love.
Sometimes it is a lesson in staying present with something
we both might want to run away from.
But I find that as long as I let them in, these authentic humans
that we call children
have the capacity to keep me truthful.
Just one look, one smile, one simple sentence from them
and I know I am in the right place.

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