Contemplate Life with Yoga: Myths of the Asanas

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8-week online series

Wednesdays, January 17 - March 6, 8-9 am

The main source material will come from Myths of the Asana: the Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition.  (Copies are available from the BYS Library.)*

Bring your imagination with you each Wednesday as we delve into story behind a particular asana, a particular god/goddess/sage or a particular animal and contemplate any meaning it may have for us today. From the metaphor and mythology of each story we will collectively extract the nuances and share insights regarding ethics (think Yamas and Niyamas), Sutras, and other historical commentaries that may make us feel more connected to our current-day practices. 

* an optional source is The Stories behind the Poses by Raj Balkaran.

01/17 Week 1: Susan K., Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles

01/24 Week 2: Susan M., Cobra & Bhujagasana

01/31 Week 3: Maryam, Natarajasana

02/07 Week 4: Susan K....TBD

02/14 Week 5: Polly, The tortoise and kurmasana

02/21 Week 6: Maryam..Mystery story

02/28 Week 7: Glenna & The story of Dirgha Jihvi

03/06 Week 8: Jamilee & The Warriors

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