K-6 Yoga at Poplar Tree Elementary School

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Sponsored by the Poplar Tree PTA
Starts on September 20 for a 10-week session
Mondays from 3:30-4:30 PM 

Children will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and centering activities in a fun and nurturing environment. Join us as we explore yoga through imaginative stories, music and yoga-inspired games. The yoga practice will explore movement, breath and music as a means for self-exploration and self-regulation. Students will learn simple tools that will empower and lend support to the stresses associated with school, tests, social pressure and daily life. We will share both the practice of yoga and the science of how and why in a non-competitive, imaginative and explorative environment. Children will learn easy ways to support lessons in stress reduction, self-expression and social skills.

The class is non-competitive and fun to support strength, flexibility, focus and confidence. 

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