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Plastic-free July is a global campaign to raise awareness about the scourge of single-use plastic, and the impact of plastic pollution on our bodies and the planet. Knowing where to start on the path to reducing waste can be intimidating. Mala Persaud, owner of Trace—The Zero Waste Store in Vienna will join us to talk about the campaign, discuss how to generate less waste in your life, and answer your questions about reducing, reusing and recycling correctly.

Mala Persaud is a former journalist, current communications consultant and the owner of Trace, the only zero waste store in Fairfax County. Mala began her career with Dateline NBC, based in London for more than a decade. There, she covered everything from Princess Diana’s funeral to the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

She has owned Trace in Vienna for nearly three years, refilling more than 19,000 containers and winning awards for environmental leadership. She also serves on the Town of Vienna’s Conservation and Sustainability Commission and works full-time for the Milken Institute in Washington, DC.

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