Say Hello to Longevity with Qi Gong

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$30.00 Say Hello to Longevity with Qi Gong

with Lana Reed

Qi Gong is for everyone, and is especially fantastic for those of us who want to stay healthy as we age. If you can stand, sit, and lie down, you can do the mindful, gentle movements of Qi Gong. 

Relax, befriend, and empower yourself with this ancient art that, according to NIH studies, relieves joint and muscle pain and stiffness, increases balance and fall prevention, manages fatigue and sleep quality, improves cognition and memory, alleviates depressive symptoms and anxiety, manages chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, COPD, and quality of life for heart conditions.

Like Yoga, Qi Gong works directly with the body/mind/emotional energy in a more subtle “yin” sort of way. You’ll practice being present to NOW—no goals, no striving. The result is a clarity and peacefulness that is hard to describe.

This workshop includes a deep, meditative relaxation with the healing sound vibration of crystal bowls.

Lana Reed, formerly known as Shakta Khalsa, is a long-time certified Qi Gong and yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

Lana Reed

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